Times Have Changed

My 90 year old uncle recounted the time when he was 8 or 9 and went to the doctor’s office to get his tonsils out. The doctor’s wife was the nurse. My uncle was awake for the whole operation. There was a lot of blood, the nurse fainted and the doctor smoked through the whole procedure. After surgery he was carried out by his dad. AND THESE WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS!


My mock up cover

Everything about that picture is sooooooo wrong, but when I showed it to my 90 year old uncle his only comment was: I didn’t know you wore glasses.

I realized it didn’t seem odd to him because he was from that generation when many pregnant women drank and smoked.  We’ve come a long way BABY!

Finding my hook- in query writing

It Was The Greatest Love Story Ever

It Was The Greatest Love Story Ever

I went to a writing workshop lead by an agent. She told us if a novel makes her cry, it translates to money.

I showed her my mock up of a book cover for my memoir. She laughed for just a second, then said there is no way this is appropriate. I am going to query her and remind her of this picture and tell her, I made you laugh and I can make you cry when you read my memoir.